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Studio Troika

This project was a year-long evaluation of Studio Troika's mission, identity and value proposition, culminating in a new brand expression and website:

After 20 years in practice, it was important for Studio Troika's team, clients and collaborators to have a clearer sense of their organizational values and aspirations — and most importantly to reaffirm their mission to advance an architecture of exceptional service, thoughtful creativity, and well-crafted design.

Strategy, Visual Identity, Collateral, Web.

An Architecture of Service

The Golden Rule guides all that we do:

Treat others in the way you’d like to be treated, while expecting nothing in return.

This unifying ethos is the core of our practice.

The architect’s ego is notorious:

For dominating the design process,

Leaving clients feeling steamrolled and collaborators unappreciated.

We practice a radically different kind of architecture,

One that faithfully translates the needs of our clients into built form. We practice a humble architecture,

One that is effective and timely.

We practice a generous architecture,

One that embodies the highest standards of quality and service.

We practice a thoughtful architecture that transcends the transaction, Every time, no matter what.

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