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Sage & Coombe Architects

We worked with Sage & Coombe to develop a new strategic positioning, visual identity and website.

Articulating their values and commitment to the public realm led to a brand expression that is modern, yet timeless, and defines a space for action that is fundamentally about collaboration and collective identity.

Strategy, Visual Identity, Collateral, Web.

(with Point of Reference Studio)

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We believe in cities.

We believe in the richness and dynamism of public life.
And we believe in the power of architecture to inspire and uplift.

We are unrelenting in our pursuit of an architecture that strengthens communities.
We do this through a process of strategic engagement:

First, we pursue a deep understanding of the issues and concerns related to the complexity of urban life. We then develop architectural strategies for how energy efficiency, carbon reduction, health and wellness, ecological impact, and social equity can produce buildings and environments that protect, strengthen, and heal communities, both now and for future generations.

And we believe in an architecture that beautifies and enriches urban neighborhoods:
To move and inspire us - and to nurture and support the dynamism of civic life.

We partner with not-for-profit cultural institutions, municipal agencies, and likeminded private clients on a range of projects that help strengthen communities. And we approach our collaborative partnerships with insight, intelligence, humor, patience and flexibility.

For a more sustainable, healthy, intelligent, just and beautiful city.

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