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Riverview Innovation Center

We worked with real estate developer Time Equities Inc. to develop a new name and identity for the historical Montgomery Ward building in Menands, New York.

Inspired by the “Spirit of Progress” statue that once sat atop the building, we positioned the site as an innovation center, and developed a corresponding visual identity, wayfinding system and environmental graphics to reflect the development’s mission to inspire progress, and to invite tenants and the wider community into the building.


Menands, New York, USA, 2022-
Strategy, Visual Identity, Placemaking, Environmental Graphics.


Towards Tomorrow.


Above these waters, progress flows.

Around this bend, progress guides us.

Along this road, progress moves us forward.

With a new energy. A new spirit. And new hope.

We come together, again.

This is the capital of industry and ideas; 

reaching ever upwards.


This is the center of education and exchange; 

seeking a more prosperous future.

This is the heart of transport and trade; 

celebrating a history of invention.

Today, we are a community renewed.

Strengthening Albany, and creating a better future.

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