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Lucid Motors

We worked with Lucid Motors to develop a new customer experience center and showroom prototype that was launched at their HQ in Newark California. Lucid’s brand and automotive design is inspired by the innovative “spirit of California” and the exhibit design, media & content, and architectural material palette all referenced this generative brand idea. The exhibit center itself featured tech demos, vehicle prototypes, and customization options within a flexible and scalable system that has been expanded into 11 new key markets during 2021.

Newark, California, USA, 2019.
Exhibition Design, Interior Design, Content.

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 2.28.26 PM.png

The Spirit of California.


There’s a special spirit here in California.
A state where we don’t just dream, we do.

Where we’ve always seen new frontiers more clearly.
And how to cross them.

That’s the thinking that empowers us control space, energy and will.

The mindset that powers a reimagining of how tomorrow looks, works, feels.

And moves.

Lucid. The future of luxury mobility is here.

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