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"How did brands gain such control of our lives?

How will brands function in a rapidly changing world?

What about the role of designers?

How will designers maintain their position as people who can continue to speculate about the future to deal with the social, ecological and cultural challenges of tomorrow?"


A three-part series presented by DesignSingapore Council and the National Design Centre (NDC), global branding expert Hunter Tura unpacks the concept of branding, walks us through its evolution, and looks at the urgency that branding holds to address contemporary issues. This series is part of the NDC's thematic programming for the month of June 2020 - "Building Strong Brands."

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


"Powering People Since 1886."

“In addition to the visual identity, a new brand platform was developed that updates the mission, vision and values of Westinghouse to reflect its history and commitment to innovation. This is summed up in a new tagline, ‘Powering People Since 1886.' On the website, visitors are even encouraged to explore the history of the brand."

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"This isn't a batch of cupcakes. If we mess up, we can’t just throw them out and make another batch.”

The Masterlass Series from the IE School of Architecture & Design showcases top professionals who share their insights and experiences from years of driving change at the sector frontlines.

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"If you work in cities, in landscapes, and in buildings, the medium

you work with is alive."

Published as part of Local Legends "Twenty-Four Perspectives on Narrative Placemaking" this series is conceptualized as a set of stories that were "a secret superpower in connecting people to cities, spaces and landscapes. Over the last twelve months it’s emerged that placemaking is expanding beyond the confines of the built environment to weave in alternative skills and perspectives. Drawing together those who know how to construct a place with experts who intuitively understand how to weave a story about it, our interviews reveal how these two worlds are colliding to create a new approach to making better places."

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"I've been struck by these new, emerging, almost-disciplines adjacent to architecture."

In October 2014, the University of Waterloo hosted "Paths to Practice" -  a day long event hosted by the School of Architecture and Co-operative Education and Career Action to bring together students, professionals, faculty, and co-operative education in exploration of current Architectural practice and employment opportunities.


Paths to Practice was sponsored by the Ontario Association of Architects and is supported by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

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"Innovation is work."

In a talk hosted by the Design and Innovation Club at the Yale School of Management on February 4,  2014, Hunter Tura told students that while innovation is a current buzzword, the fundamentals of innovation have remained constant over time. He presented what he called “Seven Laws of Innovation” that should guide managers


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