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We worked with evolvetogether to refine their positioning and update their global brand standards. evolvetogether is a lifestyle brand that sells a variety of beautifully designed and sustainable personal care products. The brand’s design focuses on a minimal, “essential” look and feel, and messaging that reinforces the importance of sustainability and creating products that “work well, look good, and do good, too.”


As part of our work, we created a variety of digital assets for product marketing, developed and executed social media and Google ad strategies, and designed updated product packaging and brand collateral for increased brand awareness.


Los Angeles, California, USA, 2022-2023.
Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging, Campaign.

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to evolve.

to evolve is to come into being.
to evolve is to develop over time.
to evolve is to mature from simple to complex.


we are all evolving; growing as individuals,

each with our own unique stories.

we are all evolving; no matter who we are, where we come from, or what


we believe. we are all evolving; all eight billion of us,

on the one planet we share.

together, we can do good every day, for each other and for the world.

together, we can be stronger in times of hardship and moments of challenge. together, we can create essentials for a more sustainable future.

today is a good day to start.
let’s evolve.


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